K-Style, Seamless and Half-Round Gutters

Professional Gutter Installation for Area Homes

Standing Seam Roofing Co. Offers professional contracting services for gutters in Marietta, OH, and the surrounding area. Our mission is to help area homeowners with their gutters, and install new ones that fit and serve their homes better. No gutter installation project is too complicated or simple. Standing Seam Roofing Co. is a proud installer of K-style, half-round, and seamless gutters. All gutter styles are available in five or six inch sizes. For more information on our gutter services or to receive a free estimate, contact Standing Seam Roofing Co. at 1-800-301-7820.

K-Style is a Popular Choice for Modern Homeowners

K-style gutters get their name from their shape when viewed from the side. This style of gutter has a series of straight lines and curves, and is popular because it resembles crown molding. Standing Seam Roofing Co. has K-style cutter available in five or six inch sizes. Aluminum is the material for k-style gutters, but they are also available in materials such as vinyl, copper, zinc, and galvanized steel. K-style hold more water than other styles of gutters, but can be harder to clean because of their shape.

Half-Round Gutters Suit Historical or Traditional Upscale Homes

Half-round gutters tend to be used with historical homes or traditional style high-end homes. However, these are gaining the attention of modern homeowners, who are looking for a one-of-a-kind style. Because of their simple look, half-round gutters match most architectural styles of homes. Half-round gutters are also available in different colors, and in materials such as aluminum, copper, zinc, and galvanized steel. Standing Seam Roofing Co. recommends half-round gutters to homeowners who want visually appealing gutters, and less cleaning time. With half-round’s smooth, curved shape, water and debris moves through gutter pipes smoother with less places for clogging to occur.

Seamless Gutters Are More Visually Pleasing and Less Maintenance

Standing Seam Roofing Co. recommends seamless gutters to homeowners looking for a more visually pleasing option that requires less maintenance. Because there are little to no seams, many people agree that these gutters look nicer then segmented gutters. There is less maintenance because you do not need to reapply sealant. With a seamless gutter, there a less place for debris to get stuck, and clog your gutter system. Just like other gutter types, seamless is comes in many colors, and in materials such as aluminum, copper, zinc, and galvanized steel.

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