Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing Seam Roofing for Homes and Businesses

Standing seam metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and business owners in the area. While it costs more than more traditional roofing materials, our customers are seeing the benefits make it well worth the price. Standing seam roofing panels consist of high-quality, thick metals such as steel, aluminum, and copper that guarantee it will last a lifetime. Standing Seam Roofing Co. of Marietta, OH, is a proud roofing contractor of standing seam roofing systems in the area for residential and commercial roofing. For a high-quality roof that looks good and never goes out of style, turn to Standing Seam Roofing Co.

Finding a standing seam roofing contractor who is qualified, skilled, and experienced in metal roof installation is essential because it requires careful craftsmanship. Contact the roofing contractor for standing seam at 1-800-301-7820 for a free estimate on standing seam roofing today. When you call, ask about our gutter and ag panel services as well. Financing your metal roofing and gutter projects is easy thanks to Hearth Financial Company. Standing Seam Roofing Co. is certified – see our financial page for more details

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Standing Seam Features Concealed Fasteners and Raised Seams

Standing seam panels feature concealed fasteners and raised seams that connect each panel together. These two features give standing seam roofing the strength and durability it is known for among the industry. The concealed fasteners and raised seams prevent leakage and other damage from moisture from occurring. Standing seam’s systems also allows for the panels to expand and contract freely with temperature changes. Standing seam comes in many colors and many paints are ENERGY STAR-rated for the energy efficiency they provide. Since standing seam reflects the sun’s rays, your home will stay cooler as well. Standing seam metal roofs are a great fit for residential and commercial roofing.

Metal Roofs Are Not Just for Agricultural or Commercial Roofing

When residents think of metal roofing, they most likely think of the roofs they see on barns or commercial buildings. However, standing seam and other types of metal roofing are viable for residential homes. Standing seam is gaining popularity with homeowners because of its unbeatable value and appearance that compliments any style of home. Homeowners also love how standing seam protects their home from UV rays, moisture, wind and other types of damage.

Types of Standing Seam Panels:

• Snap-Lock

Snap-lock is a type of standing seam metal roof system. The panels snap together easily like a puzzle. Customers can choose from a wide range of custom and standard customs. 

• Mechanical Lock

Mechanically seamed panels are roll formed with specific edges that line up with each other. A hand or mechanical seamer is used to bend the edges and locks the panel s together. Available in single and double lock.

Service Area Locations for Standing Seam Roofing Co.:

 Washington County, OH
 Little Hocking

 Noble County, OH
 Belle Valley
Dexter City

 Athens County, OH

 Guernsey County, OH

 Muskingum County, OH
 New Concord

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